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Grand Hotel

Tom Jenkins (violin) directing the BBC Grand Hotel Orchestra with Reginald Kilbey (cello) and Jack Byfield (piano)

Tom Jenkins

BBC Grand Hotel Orchestra

Catalogue number: DRD 056

Price: £7.50

The Stradivarius-playing Tom Jenkins was a consummate artist who regularly drew a radio audience of over 10 million in the early 1950s for his weekly live broadcasts from the Grand Hotel, Eastbourne. His devoted listeners were always spellbound by his highly expressive playing style and great technical precision, and for two years running he was voted Most Popular Musical Entertainer in the National Radio Awards. Unfortunately for posterity, he rarely entered a recording studio, preferring live performance, so this CD is highly collectable as well as being pure nostalgic entertainment! It contains Tom's complete EMI recordings, made in 1951, plus two very rare tracks recorded in performance. Look no further for a thoroughly authentic example of the "Palm Court" (more properly known as "Grand Hotel") genre!